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Key Features

Continuous Optimization

PerfBud is not a one-time fix. Performance optimization applied to your website will protect you from future bloat as well.

Works With Any Platform

Because PerfBud sits between your server and the users, it can fix your performance issues without regardless of your platform.

Simple Setup

With PerfBud your website gets optimized faster. No need to wait for your web developer's release schedule, get fast NOW!

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PerfBud helps you speed up your website faster than anything else

Thanks to our optimization platform hosted on Cloudflare we can make any website perform well, regardless of the platform.



PerfBud onboarding specialist will assess your website and make necessary changes to prepare it for our optimization platform.



The website is moved to our optimization platform, the implementation is custom to each customer.


Continuous Performance

PerfBud uses a combination of automated algorithms and human intervention to keep your pages lean and fast.

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PerfBud Grader is our FREE auditing tool that will find find the most important pages in your website using data from Google Search Console, then run Lighthouse audits on them to tell you exactly what you need to focus on.

In addition to this, PerfBud Grader will also check how secure your web server is.

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